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We have a tale to tell; a story of triumph and following your heart:
Although it seems like just yesterday, fast forward nearly two years, since we were inspired to start a radio station. A tiny vision to reach even just one person. It wasn't about ratings and awards; it was for positive change.

What started as a dream became a rollercoaster of highs and lows, triumphs and failures and life-changing events. We've learned so much about people and the power of reputation; We've also known that power comes with great responsibility. Since the departure of my business partner in 2020, we questioned which direction should we go in, it has been challenging, and the financial strain of covid has also added pressure that clouded our vision.

After months of contemplating and searching, we have decided to be bold and follow our hearts. A new day has dawned for Wellbeing Radio. We are moving in a new direction. We're dedicating our service to yogis around the world; we're pioneering a new form of media with mantra and mediation at its heart.

The journey so far has been truly remarkable, and it's been an honour to walk with every listener, presenter, guest and all the people behind the scenes. After much time and consideration, we've decided to go back to our original vision and roots.

We're keeping all of our amazing previous shows on demand. All of our great Good Reads articles will remain on our website, with new content added regularly. Additionally, we are excited to launch "Our Favorite Things" this Autumn. We will always shine a light on the awesomeness of our Wellbeing Radio family of presenters and editors. You are all genuinely incredible; never stop shining bright, never stop singing your heart songs. We see you, we appreciate you, thank you from the depths of our hearts for being part of this journey so far.

We've reached over 7 million listeners across the globe and won awards; we bow our heads in gratitude.

It's time to honour our hearts song and transform our platform into a destination for all things yogic, celebrating incredible teachers, singers, performers and inspirational conversations with change-makers from around the world.

Our live radio stream will return and play nothing but meditations and mantras from incredible Kirtan Artists & Singers and support rising new-age talent. We're so excited to continue walking the path with you.

Join us in early 2022 for the start of something new, celebrating the art of self-care.

We're looking for amazing guests to showcase their magic and chat with our Founder Scott Hutchison-McDade who was recently named Wellness Influencer Of The Year by Health & Wellbeing Magazine.

Oceans of Love & Light
Scott Hutchison-McDade & the Wellbeing Radio Team
Founder of Wellbeing Radio & The Centre For Positive Change

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