Some events shake the very foundation of our lives in such a way that we can never be the same again; they cannot be undone or forgotten. The year 2020 (and beyond) and COVID-19 was one of those events. We have been forced into isolation away from our loved ones, lost many to the disease and the financial situation for many is precarious. Although it has been a time of great difficulty, paradoxically, it also presents a great opportunity. This is the nature of reality. Everything is counterbalanced by something equal and opposite e.g. for every day there is night, for every death there is rebirth, and for every situation we perceive to be ‘bad’ there will be just as much good in it if we dare to look for it. With respect to COVID-19 we can see that by slowing down we gave Mother Earth the chance to breathe and renew herself and also gave ourselves a rare opportunity to re-examine what is important to us, individually and collectively.

Understandably the theme permeating the media has been how to stay connected during lock down. We are social animals hardwired for physical connection with others. Isolation when not carefully managed takes a big toll on us. So what can do under these limited circumstances? Remember the law of counterbalance and look for the opportunities. Where connection to others is limited, we can improve the connection with ourselves, our support bubble and the wider natural world around us. This in itself is no small gift because it forms the foundation that gives our lives meaning, purpose and fulfilment. The type of relationship style we have with ourselves sets the scene for all other relationships we develop.

Taking some strategic time out to restore deep foundations of inner connection will serve you both now and in the future, whatever that may hold. Here are 5 ways developing a deeper connection with yourself:

1. Self-reflection: Introspective questions allow us to assess where we are in life, making us aware of what is working and what is not. With this comes a great opportunity to plan a new trajectory for our lives. You can ask yourself - What are the areas of your life that you are unhappy with? What would you prefer to have instead? What do you need to do to change the situation? What small action can you take immediately to start bringing about that change? Intention, action and persistence is the holy trio in bring about any change in your life.

2. Connect with your artistic side: Most of our normal working life is dominated by the ‘left brain’ thinking; the analytical and methodical approach to tasks. So this is an excellent time to engage in the expressive arts: drawing, writing, music, dancing or poetry, whatever you feel drawn to. And yes, you may not be perfect to start out with, but the practice will well be worth it. We are all inherently creative. Engaging in the expressive arts will bring much needed balance to your life (and your brain!), with the added bonus of enhancing your intuition, as your intuition thrives on creativity.

3. Connect to your physical body: “Your body is your home. Treat it with love and respect.” Truer words have never been spoken. Lockdown is an ideal time to take stock of how you are treating your body. Your body is a unique feedback mechanism, alerting you either through pain or discomfort, when something is not right or out of balance. We spend so much time in our heads, but very rarely do we connect to our bodies by giving it the care and attention it deserves, and most importantly by listening to it. Be responsive to the signals your body is giving you and address it before it progresses.  As a preventative measure, ensure you are getting enough rest & relaxation, movement and nourishment.

4. Connect to nature: Nature provides us with everything we need; the air we breathe, water, food, shelter, pleasure, energy and relaxation. It is also very healing. It is great for easing stress, releasing emotions, grounding and connecting to Mother Earth. Thankfully, we are allowed to leave our homes to go for walks during this time. So be present with nature and observe the magic that it wields. By connecting with something bigger than ourselves it helps give us perspective on our lives. It also reminds us that nature is rhythmic and cyclical and not linear as our fast-pace modern life would have us believe. Even if you cannot leave your home, do some work in your garden, allotment or window sill to tap into that connection.

5. Connect to your purpose: “What is my purpose?” The answer to this question often eludes and stops us from living a truly fulfilled life. There is a beautiful saying along the lines of “It is only when you walk the path, that the path is created.” So it is not about finding your purpose, and then moving, it’s about moving and then your purpose will reveal itself. Start by connecting with something that is important to you, which you believe can be improved upon, or an area that you are passionate about that requires a solution. This is your inner purpose guiding you towards moving humanity along. What ideas do you have around this? How can you progress these ideas? Use this downtime to connect to your inherent gifts and put them into action. You never know where this will eventually lead to.

Who Are We?

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