Coraline Organic Skincare and Giftware is opening its first shop at 94 Fore Street, Topsham, Devon, EX3 0HQ on Monday 1st November 2021. The shop sells an organic, natural and vegan soap and skincare range formulated to repair and revitalise dry, delicate and sensitive skin. It is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday, where you can meet founder, Kevin Troy, behind the counter. The shop also stocks giftware including cards, prints and embroidery made by thoughtful independent brands.

The inspiration behind the shop

Kevin’s four-year-old daughter, Coraline, was diagnosed at birth with Down's syndrome and two holes in her heart. Coraline’s sensitive skin reacted badly to many products which claimed to be natural and organic. Kevin, and his wife Liz, decided to create their own range of the purest organic skincare to help Coraline to have happy skin. Kevin Troy, 44, who moved to Topsham in August 2021 says, “I worked as a chef in high-end restaurants and hotels around the world for over fifteen years and my approach and philosophy in ingredient-led simplicity underpins everything we do at Coraline Skincare.” “I knew that if our products could help Coraline, they could help others too, and the feedback has been incredible since we launched online last year – with countless people suffering from sensitive skin saying it’s the first product they’ve tried that’s actually worked.”

The shop has native larch wood shelves complete with bark and lichen, and a Douglas Fir countertop from nearby Fingle Woods, Dartmoor. They are part of the Woodland Trust’s PAWS restoration project (Plantation on an Ancient Woodland Site). They are expertly crafted by White Wood Management: a team of 15 Devon resident staff.

Eco Packaging
All packaging is made from eco-friendly recyclable materials and, in most cases, recycled materials. The balm pots are entirely plastic-free and are fully compostable or biodegradable. Customers can bring back their containers when making future purchases and will receive a free facial oil sample in exchange for doing so.

Charity partner
Coraline Skincare is proud to donate 50p from every product sold to the charity Small Steps who give children who need it, including Coraline, a helping hand to take their first steps.

Opening day
Monday 1st November, 10am until 8pm. Wine and nibbles between 5-8pm, provided by Topsham Wines and Envie Catering, Topsham. Come and see, and smell, the soaps curing on racks, and take home a free soap sample. ‘Meet the maker’ and discuss any needs with Kevin. Test products in-store. Free swag-bag for the first ten in-store
customers of the day, give-away draw for those subscribing to the Coraline Skincare newsletter on the day, 10% off first purchase and exclusive offers for email subscribers, and a raffle. Link to Facebook event

About Coraline Skincare
Coraline Skincare began as an online business in February 2020 with a collection of soaps. From the vibrant and uplifting “Rosy Radiance”, “Minty Fresh” and Cinnamon Smooth”, to the calming and relaxing “Lavender Love”, “Calming Chamomile” and “Nettle Settle”, each soap provides a wonderful natural fragrance and a rich luxuriant lather. They can be used on the face, body and hands. Kind and beneficial for all skin types and ages from three months old they are so good, customers with dry and sensitive skin have called them life-changing. Soaps are priced between £7.95 to £9.95 for single bars.

Good old-fashioned bars of soap are making a major comeback, due to consumers wishing to reduce their use of plastic. There has been a major recent trend of dry and damaged hands from the increase in handwashing in light of Covid 19 – with the solution of turning to natural organic soaps to combat the loss of moisture, especially as
we approach winter again. The ingredients in the soaps make them so moisturising, there is no need for hand cream.

A new range of facial and body skincare products which includes face and body oils and balms, and also a calming facial tonic launched on 1st November 2021 to coincide with the opening of the shop. Alongside the soaps, all the skincare products are available in-store and online. They range in price from £17.95 for the Botanical Balance
facial tonic and Soothe and Smooth body oil, to £34.95 for the luxurious Immortelle Facial Balm.

About the founders
Kevin and Liz Troy moved from Surrey to Topsham in August 2021. This is their first shop. Kevin has worked in hospitality and fine dining for over 25 years, including ten years with fine food specialists in London supplying chefs from Gordon Ramsay to Heston Blumenthal and he is now delighted to have a space to showcase his own products.

Liz writes an award-winning blog about their lives with Coraline called “Coraline and Us”, which she began in hospital when Coraline was two days old. She is currently writing a book, based on her blog, about the universal truths Coraline has taught her parents about what it means to live fully and joyfully. When the book is out, it will be on the shop’s shelves. You can learn more about Coraline and Us at or @coraline_and_us.

Liz says, “It has been a long-held dream to move to Devon and we are lucky to have found such a wonderful house and shop to rent, both from the same landlords, who have given us this opportunity due to their belief in us. The community in Topsham is so warm, and to have a shop amongst so many other beautiful shops here is a real honour.
We have been made to feel really welcome and are already saying ‘Hello’ to people on the street. We are very grateful to ‘Love Topsham’ for organising brilliant events like the new residents and local businesses meet ups where we met so many members of the community.”

People will probably see Kevin or Liz wheeling Coraline along in the
pram about town, as she is not yet walking, with nursery rhymes
playing to keep her entertained.

Purpose and Vision
Coraline Skincare’s purpose is to be a source of pure love for
people, planet and skin. Their vision is to help everyone live
happily in their own skin.

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