By Thomas Greengrass

Since the fighting in Ukraine began, a UK-based NGO, Go Dharmic, has been supporting evacuees from Ukraine, as well as those trapped within the country. 

Along the Polish and Romanian borders with Ukraine, Go Dharmic has been supporting new refugees by sending emergency parcels. Many of these conflict victims arrive with few positions, and these packages, containing vital warm clothing, food, blankets, hygiene products and medical supplies, have been a godsend. Go Dharmic have also received reports that many of these refugees have lost contact with relatives in the chaos, with many finding the uncertainty unbearable. In a bid to rekindle contact, Go Dharmic has begun a project to distribute Data containing SIM-Cards, to ensure refugees can reach out to separated loved ones and bring people together. In this desperate situation, simply hearing a family member’s voice is enough to bring comfort and hope, and a semblance of ordinary, dignified life. 

Go Dharmic’s founder, Hanuman Dass says, “From a human perspective, we’re all interconnected, and the whole idea is that we’re trying to have a peaceful and loving world. We want this war to stop immediately. We need the suffering to stop. We want people to live happy and normal lives.”

On the frontline in Ukraine, experienced Go Dharmic volunteer, Denis Yurch, is directing a group in Kyiv. The group is distributing crucial medical packs and has committed to providing over 10,000 warm meals around the city. Yurich, is one of the many courageous individuals who have stayed behind, whilst their friends and loved ones have evacuated, to support defences, civilians and serve the elderly who are unable to leave. Yurich says, “What we need is to have a stable source of funding. Currently we are relying on our own limited money. Volunteers are not only risking their lives but are using their savings to help and it’s not enough.”

To collect such funding, Go Dharmic is conducting a  match-funded 36-hour event on the 6th and 7th of March. They are calling the UK public to #StandForHumanity

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