Having raised over £200K within a week in the UK, Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) Go Dharmic, has provided oxygen cylinders to the worst medical emergency within the world’s Covid pandemic. The harrowing scenes in India have shocked the world, while the country still struggles with the exponential soaring cases. Go Dharmic’s volunteers, on the ground, all over India, have been risking their own lives, in order to deliver oxygen and supplies 24 hours a day, to those most in need right now. The organization continues its campaign for the country from abroad and seeks to raise over £500K to save more lives.

In Mohali, Punjab, Larice, and Gabba, Go Dharmic’s head, managed to supply hundreds of oxygen cylinders and deliver them immediately to stressed hospitals and desperate families with no other means of assistance when they have been turned away.

Geeta Kumar, from Delhi, tells us her first account and experience of having been exposed to the virus herself, when both her elderly parents were affected.

“My mother was affected so badly and oxygen support was needed so desperately. It was such a big struggle to us, with a tsunami of people in lines, for hours and hours-when each breath counts. Dr. Sanjay, had his organisation, Go Dharmic, come to our aid late at night with a 45 L cylinder to the house.”

From the bottom of her heart, Geeta Kumar thanks the organisation and asks the government of India to support them to the fullest extent- as they facilitated to save her loved ones from abroad in the UK.

Go Dharmic

Likewise in the UK, Indian families have been worried about family members in India. Sabi, from London, heard news that both her aunt and uncle in Delhi caught the virus.

“There is no oxygen supplies and no available beds in hospitals. My cousin told me on the phone, that my Massi was on her last small cylinder and would not make the next 24 hours unless she got more oxygen. Had Go Dharmic not sent the oxygen to her in less than 24 hours she would have not made the night. I thank Go Dharmic…you have done the most wonderful thing….”

Uber, in India, has also started a partnership with Go Dharmic UK, to help provide logistical support, whereby 500 Uber cars will be operational on the app to provide immediate delivery of supplies to anyone vulnerable to the virus now on an immediate basis.

Go Dharmic has been helping to support hospitals & individuals in dire need of supplies, medicines, food and other supplies- sourcing and delivering oxygen cylinders on the ground in five major cities, providing oxygen kits, procuring and sending oxygen concentrators and fulfilling urgent requirements to people by providing food aid. In Delhi, the Go Dharmic team have built a temporary hospital with 30 beds with oxygen cylinders and 6 ventilators; while in Kolkata they have been building hospital capacity which will give 100 new beds and 100 cylinders of Oxygen.

"This is a critical moment where we have to use our time, energy and financial resources to save the lives of our brothers and sisters in India. I appeal to everyone in India and abroad to do everything in their power to provide whatever relief they can”. – Go Dharmic Founder, Hanuman Dass

India’s situation is proving to not only be a priority to the country itself- but a priority to the rest of the world, as there shows no sign of the pandemic easing.

How can you help?

1) Setup your own fundraiser for this campaign. If you can setup your own organisations fundraiser on the following link this would make the maximum impact. This is the number one thing you can do to mobilise support for India. 100% of your donations and fundraising goes directly to procuring stock to provide immediate assistance to hospitals and verified patients who require assistance.

2) If you cannot setup a fundraiser please circulate this link and donate generously. We need all of the help we can get. So far we have raised close to $200,000 but have been spending about 10% a day and this is a drop in the ocean. We want to get to $500,000 with your help.

3) Circulate the fundraising link on your social media platforms.

About Go Dharmic:
Go Dharmic is an international charity organisation bringing people together to spread love and compassion through social action campaigns. Inspired by ‘Dharma’, volunteers from all backgrounds come together to work on projects for the Environment, Food Poverty, Education, Disaster Relief and much more. Its aim is to bring people together to have ‘compassion in action’, and is set on the three pillars: compassion, volunteers and collaborative partners as a driving force to dharma-to ‘love all’, ‘feed all’ and ‘serve all’.

Throughout the pandemic, Go Dharmic volunteers have distributed over 1 million meals to the homeless, struggling international students, vulnerable school families and to isolated elderly people. They have 10 street food distributions across the UK. Internationally, the charity has served up over 3 million meals worth of food including many disaster relief efforts.

Email: info@godharmic.com Phone: +442071128853