Home wellness can be described as the active pursuit of creating and maintaining a healthy, balanced home, and it’s an important factor in ensuring that your space works well for you.

Smart home devices provide elements of control within our lives, something which can actively improve home wellness. Individuals with a higher sense of control over their external environment show more perseverance when dealing with obstacles, motivation and optimism and therefore are more likely to be happy.

Here are smart home solutions specialists explain how you can maximise your home wellness through the use of smart home devices.

Smart Security Systems

The use of smart security systems brings not only the sense of protection but an extra element of control into a person’s life. Smart alarm systems are always on and keep you constantly aware of what is happening at home, with real-time alerts through the use of an app, it offers peace and assurance that you have eyes on your property when you’re not there.

Electric Blinds

Transitioning your space through the use of lighting is an effective way to maximize home wellness. Smart blinds lead to smarter sleep and with the average adult needing two hours of bright natural light exposure to improve sleep efficiency by up to 80%, it’s important to ensure that lighting within the home allows for this. Hence, programming your blinds to let as much light in as possible during the day and slowly close up towards the evening will create the perfect ambience for a relaxing slumber.

Alternatively, scheduling automated window coverings to open in the morning, effectively waking up to bright light can prove further health benefits. The receptors in your eyes that are associated with processing light are also connected to the part of your brains that regulate circadian rhythms. By automating exposure to natural light, it’s possible to set yourself onto a stable circadian rhythm with minimal hassle.

Smart Speakers

One in four Brits (27%) now own a smart speaker3. Hands-free speakers are growing in popularity due to the convenience of the technology acting as a ‘personal assistant’ and utilising these speakers to their full potential can maximise your wellbeing for a number of reasons.

With recent reports revealing that this year upwards of 828,000 workers are currently suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety, the importance of self-care is clear, and smart speakers are just one of the potential aids to combat this. Music can be both healing and uplifting and is a fantastic way to alleviate stress, something which smart speakers are specifically designed for. 

Smart speakers are also effective for combating loneliness due to their human and interactive elements that may provide companionship to users. Having access to such a vast range of pre-loaded games and high quality communication styles can add value and comfort to everyday life.

Smart Temperature Monitoring

Smart heating controls are a device that can be monitored while in or out of the house and whilst providing a variety of home wellness factors, such as improving the quality of your sleep. The temperature of the space you sleep in, also has a big influence on how easily you fall asleep as well as the quality of your sleep during the night, with the ideal bedroom temperature sitting at around 16-18°C (60-65°F)5.

Controlling your environment’s temperature can also be beneficial from a mental perspective. Maintaining your room temperature to a selected level creates a positive influence on your mental state which can increase your work productivity. It is recommended that home offices and dining rooms should be at a temperature of around 20°C in order to achieve maximum productivity.

Smart devices provide many benefits and home wellness is a factor that creates revolutionary long-term gains for any household, and utilising specific smart devices features can positively impact and improve an individual’s life on a daily basis.