by Yvette Taylor


Our fundamental human nature is growth and expansion; the universe created it that way. We are born to be successful; we are born to want more, so we are always searching for something else. So, we find ourselves looking at the future and where we are going, sometimes with hope or hopelessness, sometimes with fear or joy. We all have a dream. We all have a vision, something we’re working towards. Whether that dream is having one more day off a week or living on a beach in Barbados, it is a projection of ourselves and our lives in the future. 


Life is a journey of EXPANSION. Many people choose to work with this through any number of spiritual practices. Our philosophy is based on expanding your energy field because everything that you experience in your life is held somewhere within it.  

Let me briefly explain what I mean. We often believe that our subconscious is a hidden set of filing cabinets stored away inside our brain. However, years of research into the state of flow and consciousness show us that our subconscious is held throughout our physical body and in our electromagnetic energy field, more commonly known as your aura.  

If you could see your whole self energetically, you’d know that ‘YOU’ are much more than your physical body. You are made of layers of energy, each one resonating at a different energetic frequency. These layers represent our physical body, our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, past experiences, and so much more. 

Now add to this understanding that our energy field is in fact a recording device, that everything you have ever felt, said, heard, believed or experienced is recorded in it - the good and the bad. This all comes from the lessons we learnt, from friends, family and teachers, our perceptions of life. 

Imagine how many times you’ve heard or said to yourself, I am not good enough, You can’t do that; Who do you think you are? Or every day you’ve felt sad, bad, lonely, depressed … All of them are recorded in our vibration until we let them go! It’s easy to see how our past holds us back! It is these inner voices and past experiences which limit us and sabotage our future success! 


If we are expanding, there must be a limit to where we are right now. Imagine it is like an edge or an outer or upper limit. Energetically, we’re talking about the edge of our aura or energy field and what is contained within it. To allow more into our lives, we must move past the limits of our everyday experience or capacity, allowing ourselves to expand. 


Negative experiences, thoughts, beliefs and emotions from our past or present affect our energy today, we call them resistances and reversals. These show up in many ways, usually as self-sabotage patterns, habits, or behaviours designed to keep us safe. Our brain is wired to maintain the status quo; these are known in psychology as SET POINTS, imagine like a default pattern or habit. 

When we reach a set point, or we’re about to break out of a pattern and go against the status quo, this is when the alarm bells ring. Your system goes into lockdown or protection mode. It will do ALL it can to maintain what it knows, even if what it is doing is detrimental to you. 

For me, limitations are connected to our growth and more related to our future and where we want to go. However, there is also something many people refer to as the glass ceiling. Gay Hendricks talks about it in his fantastic book The Big Leap, which offers incredible insight into ‘the upper limit’ and what these limitations are. 


No matter how ‘successful’ you are or what you’re aiming for, there will always be a limit on your current potential because it is the boundary line of your current capacity. 

The limit is created by your current mindset, thoughts, beliefs and experiences. Using energy alignment, you can shift and change those experiences so that you can expand your limits. Every time you break through your ‘glass ceiling’ and onto the next level, there will be another one there to greet you. I say that to inspire you because your glass ceiling could be way beyond your current experience. 

This is why we have to release any RESISTANCE, so you continually expand by being in FLOW and living your life aligned in the best way possible. The more you do, the more you expand. The better your life gets, the more your capacity to receive improves, and you attract the life you want! 


We can limit ourselves in so many ways, mainly by doing things that are out of FLOW. In The Big Leap, Gay talks about four hidden barriers that trigger your upper limiting behaviour. All of them are beliefs or ways of thinking about ourselves. 

Hidden Barriers’ that hold the Upper Limits in place

  1. Feeling fundamentally flawed 
  2. Disloyalty & abandonment 
  3. Believing that more success brings a bigger burden 
  4. The crime of outshining 

When we have these hidden barriers in place, we will find a way to ruin situations around us, even when things are going great. We will focus on everything wrong rather than everything right. These are all just RESISTANCE or REVERSALS created by unresolved issues held in our energy field. 

These could be in the form of beliefs, stuck emotions, memories we hold, or stories we keep on telling. There is no end to what form the limitation may take. Our development work is to recognise when they are showing up and see them for what they are! Because they will continue to ruin your efforts to change your life and be successful whilst they are still there. 

First, we need to let go of the pattern of allowing these self-imposed limits to kick in so that you can prevent yourself from creating more of these situations. Then you can start to recognise all these upper limits. They are not, in fact ‘real’; they are just the limit of our current experience. You can use energy alignment methods to break the ‘hidden barrier” and let it go with ease, allowing you to take the right steps, think the right thoughts, feel the right emotions, and take the right actions. These all lead you towards the life you desire.  

I promise as you see this in practice, you’ll start to laugh at yourself when you see them crop up and celebrate you are about to become the next level version of yourself.


So how does hitting our upper limits play out 

The biggest patterns we see in self or personal development is self-sabotage; I see it all the time (and spent many years doing it myself!). This happens when we reach our upper limits. Self-sabotage is a way of destroying something that could be so promising. It is a way of keeping ourselves in line, so everything in our life is safe and predictable and stays within the status quo! Those upper limits. 

You’ve seen self-sabotage. We all do it. You see it most in those who ALWAYS have some kind of drama in their lives. Some people thrive off the excitement of the drama. No matter what the subject is, they are driven to create this drama, even though it is deconstructive! This is an energy reversal (or reversals in action) 

Many people are familiar with FAILURE and FEAR from a young age. They are used to being around dysfunctional people or situations or things never working out for them. It is simply their norm. So, does it mean that everyone with drama is a self-saboteur who is enjoying it? No, but there will undoubtedly be some momentum of energy around that subject. If left long enough, drama can become a way of life, passed down through the family like an heirloom.


Here are some examples of typical upper limits 

  • Allowing Other People To Treat us Badly
  • Not Committing To Ourselves Or Others
  • Giving Control Of Your Life To Others
  • Not Being Able To Say No Or Create Boundaries
  • Putting Others First Or Making Ourself The Last Priority?
  • Never asking for help or believing you have to do everything 
  • Not Completing Things And Giving Up Before It Gets Good 
  • Focusing Is On our Biggest Issue And Talking About It All The Time 
  • Not Even Getting Started On Important Things you Want To Do
  • Making Excuses & Justifying My Situation

These are just SOME of the ways our self-sabotage can show up; I am sure you can see how these patterns and habits frequently and quickly pop up and ruin our lives. Sadly, we’ve become so used to them because they are ‘part of us’ that we may never notice it happening. 


One of the most common ways that we now deal with stress in our modern world is addictive substances like alcohol, tobacco or drugs to try to relieve stress. And, how often have you said it yourself or heard others say something like, “I just want a glass of wine to wind down” or “I need a cigarette as I am feeling so stressed out?”   

We numb ourselves in so many ways to prevent us from really connecting with ourselves, whether it is with things such as food, drink, drugs, TV, social media, and shopping. They create a disconnect in our lives. These things create additional RESISTANCE in our physical bodies and, in some cases, developed REVERSALS in our energy. So, we can be in a constant reversed energy state because of the substances we put into our body.  

In the simplest terms, self-sabotage is an unconscious need to be in control, even if what you’re controlling isn’t good for you or your journey. To me, that is a sure-fire way to keep manifesting the same thing. 

How many times have you heard someone say, I haven’t had time for that. I’ve been too busy or I can’t do that. I’ve been working so hard? Then you find them on the sofa watching TV. 

The issue for them is twofold, a) they say those words (which means the Law of Attraction will keep on bringing it to them) and b) they are spending most of their time feeling overwhelmed and therefore unable to take action or get clarity on everything they have to get done. So, they waste time sitting in front of the TV. This creates a pattern and eventually a self-fulfilling prophecy, which will continue until they do something to step outside. This is where we’d use the following 5 STEPS, which I share with you in a moment. 

Your work here is to make sure you recognise this phenomenon so that when it arrives, you can recognise it and react accordingly! 

Understand that the issue is very rarely about what is in front of you. It is always about something else. That 'something else is something that YOU have going on in your energy. So, own it fully, take responsibility for what you think and how you feel.   

Everything Is Energy - Including You and Me. 

Using this quick, simple transformational 5 step self-help, energy technique can help you to release resistant or negative energy, thoughts and emotions, then reprogram yourself create a flow state around anything you face in life. 

A little insight into the 5 STEPS

  • Step 1 - You Ask Ask your subconscious a question
  • Step 2 - You Move Your energy field will respond 
  • Step 3 - You Experience Get clear how it affects your energy 
  • Step 4 - You Transform Release what stands in your way
  • Step 5 - You Manifest Create a new thought, belief, pattern, emotion or experience 

A key part this method is a technique from applied Kinesiology known as the sway. It is a message from our subconscious. Finally, you sent via your nervous system. This allows us to access information that may otherwise remain hidden.

Using these steps, you can then work on releasing things for yourself. Try this quickly for yourself; if you stand with your feet hip-width apart, knees loose and relaxed or unable to stand, sit towards the edge of a chair.  

  • Step 1 - YOU ASK -
    Let’s choose a self-sabotage pattern from the list, for example, “Do I have a habit of allowing other people to mistreat me?” say this out loud.
  • STEP 2 - YOU MOVE -
    Your body will respond with a movement; if you notice a movement forwards, it is usually a yes; backwards is typically a no! So honestly give it a go; which way did you move? Spooky right! 
  • Step 3 - YOU EXPERIENCE.
    You would then explore with your sway how many times you have repeated that pattern. E.g., Have I repeated that more than 100 times? Or more than 1000 times, notice if your sway goes forwards (yes) or backwards).
    You would repeat the release statement to let it go. For example, “I am ready to release these 999 patterns of allowing other people to mistreat me. I release this from my energy, in all forms on all levels at all points in time”. Repeat this statement at least three times. 
    You would then reprogram your energy field with a new pattern that serves you. 
    “I am ready to allow myself to stand in my power, to love and respect myself in all situations. I allow this into my energy in all forms on all levels at all points in time. Repeat this statement at least 3 times.  

There is much more to this, just to see how simple it can be, be free of your self-sabotage and attract the life you desire. 

We simply need to let it go and be inflow.  When you find flow, stress disappears, & your body heals, you feel more positive, get motivation and handle life challenges.  

When you are in this state, EXPANSION is inevitable, and you can move forwards to create ANYTHING you want in life. All possibilities open up, ‘chance’ opportunities occur, and you live your life in the moment.