Feel Like You Missed Your Chance To Spring Into Spring? Kickstart The Post-Covid Season With These Simple Tips From The Plant Academy’s Experts.

  • Spring is normally a time for awakening from the Winter Hibernation; with COVID’s hibernation blocking our transition into the new season, the Plant Academy’s experts have put together their top tips for mind, body and soul as the country begins to reopen.
  • From creating new seasonal rituals and sprouting into life - this go-to guide has everything you need to spring into Spring before it’s over.

[London] Lauren Lovatt, the founder of the Plant Academy - the forward-thinking, out-of-the-box plant-based academy that inspires, educates and truly embodies a conscious and sustainable lifestyle, like many others has pivoted during COVID - but this extends far beyond their business. Knowing that our bodies naturally transition with the seasons, and with the COVID-19 block on our ability to spring into Spring properly - the expert team have put together their top tips to help you transition out of both a long-winter and C-19 hibernation and make the most of Spring before it’s gone. 

“Winter is internal, cold and slow; Spring brings warmth… and is all about awakening and detoxing after hibernation. It’s a time when everything is coming back to life but like each season, the ingredients and magic the season brings is fleeting - so you need to find ways to change up your routine in order to make the most of it”. Lauren Lovatt, the founder of the Plant Academy [the fully-fledged online plant-based academy that teaches students from across the Globe] notes that “mentally preparing for any transition is key. Spring is an enticing season where new hope begins” and recommends changing up your routine in order to “flood your body full of nutritious ideas that result in a spring clean and refresh” 

The abundance of fresh greens including Lauren’s go-to’s Sprouted Seeds, Matcha and Purple Sprouting Broccoli and their accompanying sprouts are key for boosting energy as well as supporting your mood and we should look towards Mother Nature and mimic her cycle, too. “When buds start bursting into bloom; seeds start sprouting; wildlife starts waking up - your body and mind will reflect this” Sara Kiya Popowa, the Plant Academy’s Creative Director and founder of The Food Studio, alongside Lovatt notes. “We are literally going from dark to life - into a new cycle; a new chapter; stepping out of our long slumber. We may feel a little tender, fragile even so it’s super important to be extra kind to yourself by preparing yourself to receive that new energy and positivity that comes with lighter longer days and sunshine in Spring.”

Sara, who is an avid champion of seasonal transitions encourages people to “welcome nature into their homes [first] to prepare themselves to fully embrace the outdoors”. This can be through “growing seeds and sprouts on your windowsill, buying some new houseplants, foraging consciously or bringing in budding branches from the outdoors” to add beauty, freshness and life into your own conscious space. 

These types of simple changes that flow with the season help the body to blossom themselves. “When we tune into Spring - we sprout and blossom. It’s [naturally] a time for growth” Ayelén Martînez - a Plant Academy lecturer and founder of adaptogen-led company Mushrooms. “The transitional period between seasons is a time to get grounded and allow your energy to bridge over from one to another - you can do this through grounded meditations, stepping barefoot in nature or eating a more balanced diet with seasonal ingredients and warm drinks” Martinez recommends finding a ritual that works best for you. “There’s no one-fits-all” when it comes to transitioning and they can be as complex or as simple as you desire: “try journaling, manifestation or mind-mapping. Sip on hot chai, go for a walk or just eat your lunch outside without any digital devices''. 

These small actions not only help “to brighten your energy but also your mood and your skin” says Jasmine Howarth, Community Brand Manager at the Plant Academy as well as a trained yoga instructor who notes that the season provides “our bodies with all the tools it needs to prepare” we just have to be willing to look and accept them. “We can let in freshness and positivity by eating seasonally and by moving more - the Downward Dog with a Twist, Warrior 1 and Camel poses are perfect for refreshing and revitalising our bodies for the new season - but make sure to hold each post for ten breaths and to smile into it to really gain the full benefits and allow your body to be able to spring forward out of the winter hibernation and COVID” and with the country reopening from the 17th May 2021 and the anxiety around the change at an all-time high these could just be the simple tips we all need to make the most out of Spring. 

Lauren’s Top Three Energising Foods for Spring:

  1. Sprouted seeds. Although anytime of year is great to enjoy sprouts this time of year is especially attuned to vibrant living foods. Sprouts almost sync you up with nature coming back to life. So I'm currently growing everything from chia seed sprouts to buckwheat and pea shoots to include in my day. Sprouts, of course. by nature. are full of lifeforce and are a great opportunity to add raw vibrant greens to any meal.
  2. Matcha is a wonderful ingredient that can support energy. Matcha tea has one huge advantage over any other caffeine drink, and that's L-theanine. This natural amino-acid in green tea boosts calm feelings and dampens anxiety. It’s wonderful in the Spring. Especially as a long cool tea over ice.
  3. Purple sprouting Broccoli. All greens are a fantastic source of nutrients but this time of year greens are especially beneficial. I love PSB char-grilled with plant-based butter and salt, or with wild garlic oil, in salads and in stir frys through the season. 

Jasmin’s Top Three Energising Yoga Moves for Spring:

  1. Downward Dog with a Twist. Start on your hands and knees, with your feet hip width apart. Tuck your toes under and straighten your legs, keeping your arms straight. Squeeze your triceps towards your ears and drive your shoulders back towards your thighs. Begin transferring more weight to one hand, extend your other hand to your opposite thigh or ankle. Your upper and lower body should be pushing against each other. Keep your back as flat as possible and try not to lose your form as you twist. You should feel a deep stretch in the back of your body. Twisting your torso massages and tones your internal organs, which help to remove toxins and waste products. 
  2. Warrior I. Step your right foot to the back of the mat and stay on the ball of your foot. Bend your front knee so that it is directly above your ankle and make sure your knee is inline with your toes. Straighten your back leg and reach your arms overhead. Look straight ahead. Repeat on the other sides. These deep lunges will help you build heat and radiant energy in your body, warming your body up for the season ahead. 
  3. Camel. With your feet hip width apart, kneel down on your knees. Place your hands on your lower back and lift through your chest. Keeping your hips over your knees, and squeezing your glutes, gently lean your upper body backwards. Option to progress this by placing your hands on your heels with your thumbs facing out. This deep backbend stretches out the front of your body and will help you feel revitalised and open. 


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Created due to a lack of credible and accessible courses and training relating to the plant-based sector that truly understood and embraced a  sustainable work and lifestyle. The team behind Plant Academy believes that the business is more than just an Academy - it’s a vision for the future; they’re inspiring passion through plants and showcasing just how possible and in-reach success can be.The Plant Academy offers a unique interactive and personable approach. Each student, regardless of the course taken, is fully supported by the entire Plant Academy staff, as well as welcomed into a growing community of past and present students and like-minded individuals - where they are encouraged to continue growing and have access to exclusive events, resources and a tailor-made Plant Academy Space. The current courses taught at Plant Academy include: Plant One [Online] a course in plant-food fundamentals, Plating 101, Plant Two [Live, Online] a course in expressing your essence through food and Plant Three - a course for entrepreneurs to make their impact on the food system. 

Lauren Lovatt - Plant-based Chef, Founder of the Plant Academy, Feed Your Mind Candy and co-founder of The Food Studio

Sara Kiyo Popowa - Creative Director of the Plant Academy, founder of Shiso Delicious and co-founder of The Food Studio.

Jasmin Howarth - Community Brand Manager of the Plant Academy and yoga teacher.

Ayelén Martínez - Plant Academy Lecturer and founder of Myshrooms.uk