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Posted 21 hours ago by Jo Gifford

So, you know you need to create content for your change-making business. You want to call in your clients, create the ripples that turn into waves, and create your footprint for authority. Of course you do. But your to-do list is full, you keep moving it onto the list for “tomorrow”, and you just keep stalling on getting it done. Yup. Busted. How about this: You give us 5 minutes of your time, and I will give you a month’s worth of content. Yes, really. (Did I just see your shoulders un-hunch?) Let’s look at what me and my team...

Posted 3 days ago by Em Mulholland

I am a down-to-Earth spiritual energy healer and soulful copywriter/editor. I specialise in crafting content and holding space for heart-led entrepreneurs who operate in the wellbeing and spiritual sectors. I am the resident copywriter at Indigo Soul PR and a book editor for The Unbound Press. My writing is featured regularly in UnTamed Soul & Indie Shaman magazines, where I am a quarterly columnist, and I am Indie Shaman's sub-editor. I have also worked with Soul & Spirit magazine as a content creator (articles and collaborating on affirmation decks), an international yoga swami (Sri Swami Purohit) as a blogger and...

Posted 3 days ago by Katie Frain

Hi, My name is Katie and I'm the Kindness Coach. I am a women's wellbeing coach aiming to ignite your powerful feminine energy, help you reconnect to your authentic self, and flourish as the empowered woman you are. I am a positive psychology Master's student and a trainee yoga teacher. So I will use my skills and knowledge to guide you on a journey of self-discovery of your mind and body. What to expect from coaching? Coaching is all about moving forward, achieving your goals and improving your wellbeing.  Your journey in life is unique to you, therefore, I believe...

Posted 6 days ago by Amie Marshall

Our gut health center offers food sensitivity and gut microbiome testing as well as a full online supplements shop and fresh juice delivery service.

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