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Done For You Content: The Toolkit for Changemakers

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So, you know you need to create content for your change-making business.

You want to call in your clients, create the ripples that turn into waves, and create your footprint for authority.

Of course you do.

But your to-do list is full, you keep moving it onto the list for “tomorrow”, and you just keep stalling on getting it done.

Yup. Busted.

How about this:
You give us 5 minutes of your time, and I will give you a month’s worth of content.

Yes, really.
(Did I just see your shoulders un-hunch?)

Let’s look at what me and my team unbox for you:
You record a short audio (based on a brief and super painless guidance sent by my team).

We send back:
2 x 500 word blog posts (that’s your blog and guest posts sorted)
8 x social media short form posts
8 beautifully designed images to go alongside them (that’s your grid and your social sorted, with room for impromptu posts)
2 x audiograms with your voice, your brand, and your human connection magic taking place to post on social media.

An explainer video for your VA of how and where to post, and some simple strategic advice based on a review of your platforms.

Turnaround time is 7-10 days, and you are all set.
No calls, no hesitation, no more hiding.

Oh, and stay with me for 3 months or more, and get strategic bespoke advice based on the data from the work we do together every quarter as a short report and video.

Your Change-makers Content Toolkit is £350 per month of content.

This is the klaxon for change-makers to stop wheel-spinning and overthinking your content marketing.

Let’s get you out there creating the change you want to in the world.

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