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Melissa Fino, Award-Winning Business Strategist | Love Your Life Community

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Melissa Fino is the Founder of Love Your Life Community, Podcast Host of The Badass Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author of Little Miss Perfect, and an award-winning business coach. She helps female entrepreneurs break free from perfectionism so that they can get visible in their business, build massive momentum, and attract their dream clients. She is a high school dropout who went on to receive her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California and has continued to defy the odds in all areas of her life.

CLIENT ~ "I had no CONFIDENCE when I started working with Melissa. I had no idea if I could be a great fitness coach, or if I could guide my clients to reach their desired results, but while working with Melissa all of that shifted! Throughout the process, she helped me break down my big goal into small actionable steps that were achievable and after three months I had six new clients. I highly suggest working with Melissa. She is AMAZING! She’s supportive, she’s in your corner and she believes in you before you believe in yourself. She cares so much about her clients, so much so that I’ve signed on for another six months while we scale my business."

  • Summary: Are you ready to shift from business beginner to business badass?
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