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Mindful Crochet 6 Week Course (Online)

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This course is for anyone looking to explore a different way to relax, be mindful, and maintain good mental health - as well as be a bit creative!

And in these challenging times, learning something new and finding focus can be invaluable at not only keeping the boredom at bay, but to make sure we are taking time to relax and focus on our own health.

What exactly is mindfulness?

Well, in a nutshell, mindfulness about being aware and present. Its knowing where we are, what we are feeling and doing, and being grounded.

The good news is that we all have the ability to tap into this mindful state, its just about learning how to do it.

But it traditionally requires a change in our thinking - to a focus on stopping and doing 'nothing'. It definitely works, but when it already feels like there aren't enough hours in the day, the idea of taking even 10 minutes out to 'do nothing' feels counter-intuitive, doesn't it?

So here is where mindful crochet comes in.

There has long since been a proven link between being creative and maintaining good mental health. A craft like crocheting is repetitive, requires a distracting level of concentration, and results in a tangible accomplishment.

One of the key differences between crocheting and traditional mindfulness practices, but in my opinion something equally as therapeutic, is that you are 'doing something'. You are moving your hands, you are counting, you are making something. If you're struggling with the idea of taking time out to be mindful, how about making time to be productive? Once you get into it, you cant help but feel relaxed!

When you're more familiar with the relaxed feeling – maybe THATS the time to consider further, traditional mindfulness practices?

Just don't give up the crocheting!

This 6 week course takes place online, using Zoom (a meeting invite will be sent out to you via email each week). Numbers will be limited in order to assure that everyone is able to access the tuition they need. Crocheting experience is not essential! This course is aimed at total beginners.

Dates are as follows. You will need to be available for all of the sessions.

6pm - 8pm (GMT) on:

Monday 7th June

Monday 14th June

Monday 21st June

Monday 28th June

Monday 5th July

Monday 12th July

Before the start date, you will receive your crochet starter pack in the post with all you need for the course.

The course itself will cover the very basics of crochet, and will look at using the stitches you learn to follow 2 simple patterns. Each pattern is simple and repetitive, designed with the aim of letting your mind settle with the repetition of stitches, and be able to focus on your breathing. And ultimately: to relax.

  • Summary: A 6 week Mindful Crochet course designed to introduce you to the basics of crochet and discover its relaxing and mindful qualities.
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