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Move it or Lose it

 Wellbeing Brand / Posted 3 months ago

Move it or Lose it! was founded in 2010 by award-winning exercise instructor, Julie Robinson, who has dedicated her career to motivating thousands of people to keep active in later life. Her company has now grown nationally with network of instructors delivering exercise classes to thousands of older people every week. Julie and her team have also developed a range of fitness products including award-winning DVDs, resistance bands and everything else you need to keep fit at home. Since lockdown, they've also launched The Move it or Lose it Club which is an online community helping older people to stay active, connected and busy. All the exercises in the programme can be done seated or standing, so everyone is welcome and able to join in.

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  • Summary: Move it or Lose it are an award-winning exercise programme. They have a national network of classes, range of fitness DVDs, books, bands and more as well as an online Club for anyone looking to stay active, connected and busy.
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Move it or Lose it Parkview Cockhill Farm Middleton LaneOnline Services,B78 2BW Show Phone Number info@moveitorloseit.co.uk http://www.moveitorloseit.co.uk

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