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Rude Awakening: A Mixtape

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this book is for all of the real human beings going through an awakening.

yes, that's you. and you're probably further along than you think.

perhaps you're burned out from the "love and light" crew, the spiritual ego gang, and just want someone to relate to, FINALLY? #realtalk

or you're looking for validation that your gut feelings are right? (heads up: they are).

PSA: no-one knows how to get back to who you are better than YOU.

here's the deal: at the end of the day, the fact that you woke up on this planet is all the confirmation you need that you're on the right path.

my mission, and i choose to accept it, is to help you understand this until you believe it and LIVE it, from the inside out.

rude awakening: a mixtape takes the form of a playlist of songs that touched me throughout my spiritual awakening journey.

wherever you are right now on the awakening path, i hope this book lands on you like a breath of (expletive-laden) fresh air and inspires you to keep going; after all, who doesn't love a great playlist?!

let's press play.

natalie windle fell is an author, system buster, and all-around truth seeker. to learn more, visit nataliewindlefell.com and follow natalie on instagram (@nataliewindlefell)

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  • Summary: author Natalie Windle Fell brings a breath of fresh air to the awakening journey. rude awakening, a mixtape is available online, wherever books are sold!
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