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UntetheredGoddess- Unleash your inner goddess

 Life Coaching / Posted 4 weeks ago

Shveta is a software engineer turned intuitive therapist. She is an inspired writer and speaker driven to free women from oppressive circumstances and outdated cultural perspectives. As the creator of the Untethered Goddess, her programs and sessions, Shveta helps women to unleash and connect to their inner goddess, leading them to live a transformed life with freedom, authenticity and consciousness.

I do various 1:1 sessions using various energy healing and cleansing tools to help you have an ongoing relationship with your inner goddess like an internal navigation system. I use Energy healing modalities like Reiki, DImensional Healing, Energy Healing, Light Language, Light Codes, Invoke Inner Goddess, Angelic Reiki, Channeling, Past Life Recall Regression, Akashic records etc


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