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Posted 5 days ago by Fabio Mazzieri

I am the only Male in the world trained in and practicing Dr Erin Fall Haskell's e4 Trauma™ Modality with my clients. Introducing my Roaring Success™ Transformation Program I help Men ELIMINATE toxic patterns, BE your authentic self and Unleash Your Power and ROAR! Achieve transformation that will give you long lasting results in both your personal and professional life! I will help you reach deep into your Subconscious Mind and clear out toxic patterns to allow you to create a SUCCESS mindset, take quantum leaps and ownership of your life.

Posted 2 days ago by Alexandria Wombwell-Povey

I'm Alexandria. An Empowerment Coach & Business Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs. My mission is to reignite the spark within thousands of women, to reconnect them with their true desires and make their dream life their reality. I coach women via my three programs: The Expansion Mastermind A 6-month intimate container for ambitious female entrepreneurs, ready to expand their impact and abundance, whilst embodying harmony in their life. A Mastermind for your Business, as well as your Mind, Body & Soul. The Soulful Start-Up A 16-week group coaching program for aspiring female business owners or women ready to LEVEL UP &...

Posted 6 days ago by Amie Marshall

Our gut health center offers food sensitivity and gut microbiome testing as well as a full online supplements shop and fresh juice delivery service.

Posted 7 days ago by Natalie Farrell

A space for soul hustlers who are ready to embrace the unconventional approach to life and business...fully step into their Soulpreneurship as they reclaim their out-of-the-ordinary story and delve deeper to unearth their soul's purpose here on planet earth. This academy is for souls who are: ►Hungry for knowledge, new insight, and freedom ► In need of guidance to enable them to heal themselves ► Be held in a safe environment as they spiritually wake up ► Peel away old unwanted layers and in growth mode ►  Ready to become the leader they were born to be Meet your guide -...

Posted 20 hours ago by Jo Gifford

So, you know you need to create content for your change-making business. You want to call in your clients, create the ripples that turn into waves, and create your footprint for authority. Of course you do. But your to-do list is full, you keep moving it onto the list for “tomorrow”, and you just keep stalling on getting it done. Yup. Busted. How about this: You give us 5 minutes of your time, and I will give you a month’s worth of content. Yes, really. (Did I just see your shoulders un-hunch?) Let’s look at what me and my team...

Posted 3 days ago by Karishma Sharma

I am a Spiritual Mindset Coach, Energetics Queen, Breakthrough Expert and International Speaker. I am an advocate for transformation, blending mindset work, spirituality, inner healing and energetics to help women succeed in business, wealth, relationships and wellbeing.  I help highly committed, go-getter leaders and entrepreneurs to breakthrough subconscious and energetic blocks so they can take quantum leaps, feel empowered and move faster in Business and life.  I am on a mission to awaken women globally to the truth of who they are and step into their infinite power.  I also use my business as a platform to be a voice...

Posted 6 days ago by Michelle Maslin-Taylor

I work with women to achieve their health and happiness goals through energy-focussed holistic practices, balancing the body, mind and soul. Ways to work with me include: Self-paced online courses Weekly yoga classes via a monthly membership Workshops 1:1 Energy Hours focussed on whatever you need on the day 12-weeks of energy coaching

Posted 5 days ago by Leigh Thornton

This course is for anyone looking to explore a different way to relax, be mindful, and maintain good mental health - as well as be a bit creative! And in these challenging times, learning something new and finding focus can be invaluable at not only keeping the boredom at bay, but to make sure we are taking time to relax and focus on our own health. What exactly is mindfulness? Well, in a nutshell, mindfulness about being aware and present. Its knowing where we are, what we are feeling and doing, and being grounded. The good news is that we...

Posted 5 days ago by Beth Rees

Move it or Lose it! was founded in 2010 by award-winning exercise instructor, Julie Robinson, who has dedicated her career to motivating thousands of people to keep active in later life. Her company has now grown nationally with network of instructors delivering exercise classes to thousands of older people every week. Julie and her team have also developed a range of fitness products including award-winning DVDs, resistance bands and everything else you need to keep fit at home. Since lockdown, they've also launched The Move it or Lose it Club which is an online community helping older people to stay...

Posted 3 days ago by Em Mulholland

I am a down-to-Earth spiritual energy healer and soulful copywriter/editor. I specialise in crafting content and holding space for heart-led entrepreneurs who operate in the wellbeing and spiritual sectors. I am the resident copywriter at Indigo Soul PR and a book editor for The Unbound Press. My writing is featured regularly in UnTamed Soul & Indie Shaman magazines, where I am a quarterly columnist, and I am Indie Shaman's sub-editor. I have also worked with Soul & Spirit magazine as a content creator (articles and collaborating on affirmation decks), an international yoga swami (Sri Swami Purohit) as a blogger and...

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