By Natalie Farrell

Caged like a bird
Black surrounds his wings
Numbly he cries a soundless song
He has forgotten to fly
If I could be his eyes
And tell him what to see
A million kisses he would steal
All to give for me
Lost in life, no turning back
The colour white fades into black
Crying the years away in your mind
Blinded as life bleeds over love
Happy is what happy dreams
In life he tells a lie
Reaching out to unclipped wings
Love to do or die
Describe me the perfect love scene
Create me the perfect lie
I’ll crush my heart a thousand times
If it means you’ll fly
Lost in life, no turning back…​
The Red Jumper Days
The time has come to hang up my jumper
As time erodes no dust shall settle upon its sleeve
My Jumper will only glisten with radiance and youth
You have been my oak tree, my protector, my teacher
My branches are now enriched with knowledge from your soil
It is from this soil I choose to grow
My heart is a richer red for knowing you
And the word love a better friend
For love to go away it clambers through walls of pain
I now ask for you to hang up your red jumper next to mine
Over time the hardness will fade into the softness of its touch
It is then that you can safely rekindle the love of youth.​