My name is Mia, I'm 14 and today I will be teaching you the best ways to mindfully paint. Painting without a purpose or goal can be quite difficult because we always feel the need to have a plan. However, you can have more fun just doing whatever pleases you. This is because you get to make it your own and add little details here and there instead of copying a landscape off Pinterest.

 As I said, it can be difficult, but you will get into this flow where the next thing you do will just come naturally to you. This process feels very freeing and is greatly beneficial to your mental health because you can get out anger or stress on the canvas that you didn’t even know was there. Doing this can also give you time to just think about nothing and/ or get your thoughts in order. When I created this piece, I was thinking of a thatch work blanket. I added the smaller, lighter patches in the middle of the squares to make it more interesting and give each square more dimension.

Another thing you might find difficult is deciding where to stop. This is something I struggled with also. It is up to you, but my advice would be sooner than you think because I have learnt that you cannot just keep adding more and more things. It can ruin your painting then you will be frustrated because it looked beautiful already.

A tip for if you’re struggling with what to do is start with one brush stroke with any colour. Then go from there. Even with that one brush stroke, your hand already knows what to do next. You don’t need to be skilled at art to be able to do this exercise, all you need is paint, a brush, and a canvas.

Since March 2020, I have painted 7 pieces. Each completely different from the other. I have painted things like portraits and landscapes but not until my most recent piece, did I try this exercise. I made it up myself because with everyone being home at the moment, everything seems difficult. This was my escape. I’d sit for hours in silence just painting my heart out. I have always loved art, so this was my favourite thing to do especially after a hard day. Putting this out there, I hope that other people who like art can enjoy this as much as I do.