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80Noir Ultra : 20 Chocolate Bar Tube

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80Noir Ultra is a premium dark chocolate brand that offers all the benefits of a high-quality dark drinking chocolate, without the bitterness in flavour. The range consists of 80.3% dark chocolate ‘beads’ and mini bars that are truly delicious to eat or drink - just add milk or hot water and whisk to create a luxurious hot chocolate drink. Founded by personal trainer and wellness writer Carole Armitage, 80Noir Ultra has been named one of Forbes' '17 best healthy new vegan food & drink products' and has recently partnered with 10 Olympic and professional athletes who are acting as ambassadors to help promote the positive association of dark chocolate and mental and physical wellbeing. All 80Noir Ultra products are vegan friendly, dairy free, gluten free and palm oil free. 


20 Chocolate Bar Tube

To be eaten or melted into a delicious, body-boosting chocolate elixir. A great alternative to espresso, start your day with an uplifting skip and no jitters – just happiness in every sip/bite.

What’s inside: 20 x dark chocolate mini bars


For more info visit https://www.80noirultra.com.

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