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Amaku Tooth Tablets

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Amaku was created to find the finest most effective ingredients that clean teeth without any of the unpleasant and unnecessary ingredients found in most toothpastes. Science has repeatedly shown us that powder based tooth-cleansers are more efficient at removing plaque than generic toothpastes.

Amaku tablets are built around a core ingredient of natural minerals and nano-hydroxyapatite, as a bioavailable fluoride replacement, to clean, strengthen and whiten tooth enamel. The experience is enhanced with citrus, anise and peppermint oil to create a moment of functional pleasure in your day, knowing you are giving back to your teeth what they need most.

Amaku tooth tablets utilise a remineralising pressed powder formula that cleans, whitens and strengthens teeth. We harness nature's active ingredients in nutrient rich, bioavailable forms for an innovative oral health care routine.

Amaku is packaged in a sustainable and refillable, travel-friendly glass pot that includes a one-month supply of tooth tablets.  Refills are delivered in minimal recyclable packaging and a subscription service is also available.

Amaku is designed to meet the demands of today’s consumers looking for natural beauty products which are effective and sustainable but look and feel beautiful too.

How to use: Gently crush 1 tablet between your teeth. Brush as normal for 2 minutes with a wet toothbrush. Spit but no need to rinse. Repeat morning and night every day.

Ingredients: Omyadent (nano-hydroxyapatite), calcium carbonate, sorbitol, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, stevioside, menthol, kaolin clay, sodium bicarbonate, citrus oil, peppermint oil, natural anise flavour, sorbitol, magnesium stearate.

For more info visit https://amaku.co.uk.

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