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Bioglan Superfoods : Power Blends

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All the way from Australia, Bioglan Superfoods’ range of tasty blends are landing in Waitrose to help us all get a superfood boost into our shopping basket and our daily diet. As one of the biggest buzz words in recent years, superfoods can be defined as those with a high vitamin and mineral concentration, meaning that a little goes a long way when it comes to looking after our precious bodies. 


The Bioglan Superfoods range includes five tasty powder blends:


Superberries is an immune supporting blend of colourful berries and superfoods including goji, acai, pomegranate and coconut water. It’s also been enhanced with added vitamins C, K, manganese, folic acid and magnesium which means each serving is bursting with goodness. With a great natural berry taste, and containing only naturally-occurring sugars, Superberries is a convenient powder that’s easy to add to everyday foods and drinks.



Unique and nourishing Supergreens blend is bursting with powerful Superfoods, including wheatgrass, spirulina, barley-grass, kale and chlorella. It’s also fortified with vitamins B12, C and E, all packed into a convenient powder so it’s easy for you to use in everyday foods or even just mix with water. Supergreens’ great flavour comes from apple powder and subtle spices, so now it’s even easier to eat your greens!


Digestive Boost

Bioglan Superfoods Digestive Boost is a microbiome-friendly blend including live bacteria, fibre and digestive enzymes. Each serving contains 500 million live cultures, and inulin which is a fibre naturally found in vegetables such as chicory. Digestive Boost also contains nettle leaf, dandelion, ginger and turmeric, along with calcium which aids the function of digestive enzymes in the gut. All of these ingredients are blended with a delicious natural vanilla flavour, so you can easily add a Digestive Boost to your daily routine.


Organic Cacao Boost 

They have chosen superfoods Cacao, Lucuma, Maca and Hemp for their energy-enhancing properties in this unique organic blend. Lucuma (a fruit native to the Andean valleys of Peru) and Maca (a root vegetable also native to the Andes) give the blend a delicious malty, caramel flavour. These blend perfectly with the richness of Cacao and the nuttiness of Hemp, which is also a source of protein.


Organic Green Boost

Green Boost is packed with nutrient dense greens to provide the concentrated goodness found in green plants and vegetables in a convenient powder. A blend of barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, spinach and kale, Green Boost has no added flavours so is perfect for using in both sweet and savoury dishes as well as adding into smoothies.


Plus two additional protein blends, formulated to support various common health concerns and ensure that all nutritional needs are met. The high vitamin and mineral content found in superfoods can help your body to ward off illnesses, fatigue and promote feeling healthier all over. When incorporated into a well-balanced diet, superfoods including berries, cacao, turmeric and spirulina can promote heart health, contribute to healthy weight loss, improve energy levels and help keep skin glowing and hair and nails strong. 

For more info visit https://bioglansuperfoods.co.uk


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