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BitesWeLove : Sour Cream & Jalapeño

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Nutritious, plant-based and delicious, BitesWeLove, after conquering the healthy snack market in the Netherlands, the vegan brand are setting up shop on British turf, showcasing their award-winning Crunchy Peas over the course of four months at 70 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, as part of the Taste of the Future Trial Bay.  

 The female-led company, founded by Marleen Basart and Liesbeth Gouwens, are on a mission to change the way people snack. According to Nielsen, 50% of European shoppers have reduced their meat consumption. Tapping into the vegan and vegetarian market, the team only use the best plant-based ingredients, like nuts, peas and beans, and they keep fats, sugar and salt in check too. Scoring very highly nutritionally, their Sour Cream & Jalapeño come in at a score of –3 points, certified a healthy alternative according to the Nutritional Profiling System. The supermarket marks BitesWeLove's first selling point in the UK, and the products are also available on Amazon.  



A delicious snack packed with roasted green peas. Naturally seasoned with a unique blend of herbs and spices to create a sour cream and jalapeño flavour that’s 100% vegan (yes, really).


For more info visit https://www.biteswelove.com/

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