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Bounce Back : Tropical

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Bounce Back, the first ever post social replenishment drink.
Bounce Back is a totally new concept health drink launching in convenience stores and Drinksupermarket.com. Bounce Back, the first ever post-social replenishment drink, launches in the UK from November, ready for the busy festive season. This new category of health drink, created by two biochemists, is unlike others since it is designed to be drunk before bed after socialising, to give your body the replenishing nutrients it needs – while you sleep.

Bounce Back’s unique science-based formula of 17 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids works in harmony with your body’s natural restorative processes, to help alleviate the stresses of an active social life, so that you can take back tomorrow.

Choline supports the maintenance of normal liver function, Vitamin B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, Vitamin B6 helps maintain normal energy levels, Vitamins C and E assist in the protection of cells and oxidative stress - and finally Zinc and Selenium help the normal function of the body’s immune system.

For more info visit https://bouncebackdrinks.com.

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