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DermaQuest : CBD Sleep Elixir

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This is the all-natural stress relief solution you’ve been waiting for.

With many of us feeling more anxious than usual, the strain of daily life has led us in search of new ways to relax and unwind.

Here to help alleviate stress in an all-natural way, new CBD Tinctures from DermaQuest, offer a safe and non-addictive solution to bring the body back into balance.

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD is the non-psychoactive substance that is rich in mood-regulating properties, working to provide an effective, natural remedy for stress. Boasting a potent concentration of 99.7% pure CBD isolate, this tincture harnesses the full extent of the ingredient’s power, helping to relax the mind, relieve stress and improve quality of sleep. The Sleep Elixir is flavoured by soothing Vanilla, relaxing the body and mind to help send you to sleep. To ensure the most effective method of absorption, the CBD isolate is encapsulated in a patented Hydroxysome delivery system, exclusive to DermaQuest. This game-changing platform of delivery ensures a sustained release of CBD over a 24-hour period, improving the stability and efficiency of the substance. Applied sublingually, the mood-enhancing elixir penetrates the bloodstream and starts to get to work within 2 hours.

Dosage should be gradually increased with time to allow your body to adjust to the effects of CBD. The DermaQuest CBD Tinctures are £87 from www.dermaquestinc.co.uk

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