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Doughlicious : Snackable Cookie Dough

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Indulge Healthily With New On-The-Go Organic Snackable Cookie Dough 

Tuck into the ultimate Organic plant-based sweet snack whilst on the move with the irresistible relaunched range of Snackable Cookie Dough from Doughlicious - the perfect low sugar choice for curbing cookie cravings, at any time of day.

Lovely in lunchboxes or a super satisfying post-workout high-in-fibre treat, the new Snackable Cookie Dough range (formerly known as Lite Bites) has relaunched with five classic flavours: Chocolate Chip, Lemon Raspberry, Apple Crumble, Coco Delight and Orange Chocolate and a brand new flavour: Chocolate Peppermint.

Alongside their all-natural, organic, vegan and gluten-free credentials, these six flavours are on average 47% less sugar than comparable Cookie Dough brands, but don’t compromise taste, which makes them a great plant-based snack to enjoy at any time of the day. 

With handy, resealable and easily-portable packs that you can dive into throughout the day, each 56g pouch of Snackable Cookie Dough contains 8 super tasty cookie dough balls, RRP £1.99. 

Snackable Cookie Dough is available to buy from the Doughlicious website www.doughlicious.co.uk and can be found in Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Selfridges.

For more information on the new Snackable Cookie Dough and Doughlicious visit www.doughlicious.co.uk

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