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Emerald and Tiger : Self Reiki

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Harness the power of your own hands and use reiki techniques at home - to harmonise and heal.

Reiki promotes inner balance and natural healing to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, and more. Discover how to tune into your internal life force with over 40 step-by-step self-Reiki practices you can do yourself – anytime, anywhere.

Connect with the universal energy and come home to your true self - using meditation, mantra, visualisation, breathwork, and distant as well as hands-on healing.

Bring peace, radiance, and balance to every area of your life with Self Reiki.


About Emerald + Tiger, it is a conscious lifestyle brand promoting positive self-awareness and a vibrant connection to body, mind and spirit. It shares practices such as Reiki, Sound and Meditation offering one to one guidance, corporate and group workshops, event programmes, wellness consultancy and design, retreats and products.

Jasmin Harsono is the founder of the wellness brand and platform, Emerald and Tiger. She is an international wellness intuitive guide, writer, author, speaker, contributor and brand advisor who fuses the synergies of modern life, conscious living and ancient practices to support and inspire others to tap into their truth, power, and potential.


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