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Essentiel Vie : New Mum Bundle

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Essentiel Vie Mother and Baby products are British award winning and top innovation award winner. They make skincare products which are completely natural – using only pure ingredients such as fruit extracts, essential oils and botanical ingredients. Essentiel Vie skincare range looks after mums and babies in all the important ways – soothing, salving and moisturising – products you can trust.

Essentiel Vie products are gentle enough to suit a newborn’s delicate skin, as well as caring and repairing the impact of pregnancy on a mother’s skin. Each product in the Essentiel Vie catalogue is certified vegan and has been approved and recommended by Harley Street Consultant and Fellow at the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists London, Dr Nadia Yousri. Dr Yousri had previously undertaken extensive research into the effect of chemicals on skin during pregnancy and the impact on the foetus, concluding that there was a limited choice of products on the market that would work just as well for both mothers and babies.

Everything a new mum needs. 6 products including new born nappy cream and soothing cream.

The whole range is now available in Boots stores and in https://www.essentielvie.com/

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