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FoodSpring Breakfast Bowl

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foodspring is the brand for healthy, functional  fitness food with great taste. With an international team of over 230 employees and a large development department, the Berlin-based company is Germany's fastest growing food start-up. The young company was founded in 2013 and is now active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. In June 2019, Mars Inc. acquired a majority stake in foodspring. As a result, Mars Edge and the Berlin-based start-up plan to immediately create a joint global platform for targeted nutrition and the development of personalised nutrition offerings.

Foodspring's Breakfast Bowl is an ideal option for a quick start into the day. It takes only a few minutes to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal with high content of fiber without artificial colorings or sweeteners. It’s soy-free & 100% organic.

This pleasingly pink morning meal is not only quick & easy to prepare but loaded with energy-packed wholegrain oats, quinoa, naturally sweet fruit, açai and much more! Brekky at home never looked (and tasted) so good.

  • Contains the superfood açaí
  • Naturally sweetened with fruit
  • Organic, plant-based ingredients


For more info visit https://www.foodspring.co.uk.

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