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Future Farm

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Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, not sterile science or dead flesh, the future of American burgers has finally arrived.

Future Farm launches 2030 meatless meat in line with the United Nations Sustainable 2030 Development Goals with ‘meat’ emulating rare, medium and well done.

Future Farm; Latin America’s first food tech company to develop and produce plant-based meat, continues to disrupt the UKs meat industry as it reveals the newly elevated 2030 Future Farm range.

With the taste of meat, but better, the new range is indistinguishable to that of its animal origin, and consists of the; Future Burger 2030, Future Mince 2030 and Future Meatball 2030. Each product has been ‘updated’ and uniquely developed to fall in line with the United Nations Sustainable 2030 Development Goals, of which steps are critical to shifting the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. 


Future Burger 2030 : Plantbased Burgers Based on Soy, Pea and Chickpea

The Revolutionary Burger Made from Plants With Texture and Taste Like Meat. Plant Based. Non GMO. No Gluten. No Antibiotics. Fast Company - World Changing Ideas 2020. Suitable for Vegans. Packed in a protective atmosphere.


For more info visit https://futurefarm.io

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