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Guylian Belgian Intense Dark 84% No Sugars Added Bar

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Guylian Belgian Intense Dark 84% No Sugars Added Bar

Made with only the finest ingredients, these scrumptious bars contain 84% pure cocoa content, resulting in a gorgeous flavour and superb texture. It is not only scrumptious - it's vegan!  Experience Guylian’s new reduced-sugar bars, which use top quality stevia-based sweeteners.


About Guylian Chocolates 

Guylian was created in 1967 when lovers Guy and Liliane combined their delicious praline recipe and delicate shapes to create the seashells that we now know and love.  Today, Guylian chocolates are still made with the same traditional craftsmanship and passion to provide an authentic, quality Belgian Chocolate taste experience. 

As well as quality, sustainability is a priority for Guylian, which is why the brand has removed palm oil from all chocolate recipes, replacing it with shea butter and sunflower oil, resulting in a smoother texture and even better tasting chocolates, which also contain less saturated fat and sugar.   

For more info visit https://www.guylian.com/us/.

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