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Honey Heaven : Detox & Slim Organic Herbal CBD Spray

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CBD Spray Honey Heaven Organic Herbal Detox & Slim in two strengths 500mg 10ml (£30) or 1000mg 10ml (£50)

Brand new Organic Herbal CBD Spray 500mg Detox & Slim, features a brilliant blend of organic and Indian ayurvedic herbs including cinnamon, clove, turmeric, coriander and ginger and is the ideal aid to help you with any detox or slimming plan.

Honey Heaven have sourced the best premium organic Indian ayurvedic herbs and created a perfect blend of cinnamon, clove, coriander, ginger and turmeric, boosted with pure CBD DISTILLATE.   One or two sprays of Organic Herbal CBD Spray Detox & Slim daily will work to stave off cravings, boost metabolism and support weight loss.

At Honey Heaven, they strongly believe in using the purest and best CBD oil. Since there are thousands of CBD products on the market you have to make sure you are buying high-quality organic CBD oil from a reputable company as not all CBD oil made equally.

They produce the highest quality full-spectrum CO2 extracted Swiss Hemp CBD products made with boosted pure CBD Distillate which is the purest in CBD Industry! This process defines our CBD products to stand out from the crowd and providing higher benefits.

For more info visit https://www.honeyheaven.co.uk/.

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