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Horlicks Vegan

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Horlicks Vegan is a dairy free malted beverage to enjoy with your favourite alternative milk which uses a vegan recipe based on the brand’s signature creamy and malty characteristics. Registered by The Vegan Society, the formulation caters not only to vegans, but also for those who suffer with dairy allergies. It’s ideal for kids and adults, can be enjoyed hot or cold, and contains 14 key vitamins and minerals. The vegan formulation is based on the flavour profile of Horlicks Original blend which requires hot milk, meaning you can add your favourite preference of dairy alternatives, from almond to soy, coconut or oat milk!

At Horlicks, you can now enjoy the malty goodness as part of a vegan or dairy free diet. They have lovingly developed a product with the deliciously, creamy malty taste of Horlicks Original, enriched with vitamins and minerals, but without the dairy. Horlicks was first developed by British brothers William and James Horlicks in the late 1800's and to continue their love for all things malty, they have developed the first vegan malted drink in the UK. So take a moment from the hectic rush of modern life and enjoy the richly comforting taste of Horlicks, hot or cold and at any time of day.

For more info visit https://www.horlicks.co.uk.

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