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KIN’s protein formula evolved after 15 years spent working in the fitness industry, and the daily observations and experiences of bloating and stomach problems from poor quality protein powders around us. There was a strong demand for a protein product that would help people with their digestive issues, not add to them.

It was time to throw out the rule book and rethink protein as an overall well-being benefit - from the inside to the out. Their mission was to combat protein bloat by providing exceptional quality whey and vegan protein products, all nutritionally balanced to aid and improve digestive health, sourced locally and made from natural ingredients. 2015 was the year we started KIN Nutrition and when they began to put gut-health at the core of everything they do.

Their vegan protein blend is a complete protein made from high quality pea and white hemp. A single scoop contains a huge 25g of plant protein. In addition to providing a 100% natural smooth textured protein with just 6 ingredients, our gluten free, non GMO blends support gut function with added fibre. Every single ingredient has its own purpose and are blended to taste great with just water, perfect for baking, freezing and shakes!

Gluten Free | Soy Free | Non GMO | Low Sugar
Vegan no whey Flavours: Coconut, Dark Choc, Vanilla & Blueberry
Whey flavours: Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Choc Mint

For more info visit  https://kin-nutrition.com/.

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