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Lilk, the plant-based milk we always dreamed of.

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Lilk, who have launched its two new milk alternatives into Ocado. Lilk have introduced the next generation of plant-based milk alternatives, launching two blends - The Common Blend and The Lush Blend. With added calcium content, the two ranges use blended rice and oats and oat, coconut and quinoa. By blending these grains and seeds the taste and texture is likened more to dairy. All of this deliciousness comes in recyclable packaging!

The Common Blend is an award-winning3, incredibly dairy-like combination of oat and rice. Delicate yet delicious, this is your everyday go-to milk that makes the perfect cup of milky tea, foams beautifully and delivers in the kitchen.

The Lush Blend is a flavourful mix of oat, coconut, and quinoa. Joyously creamy, this milk is perfect for at-home treats that deserve a whole-milk feel. Think hot cocoa, turmeric lattes, and sweet bakes - or you can splash it over your cereal to add a little oomph! 

Shop the range and visit https://www.lilk.co  for more info.

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