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Lucky Saint

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Founded in 2018, Lucky Saint offers an alternative that never compromises on flavour, is suitable for vegans and contains just 53kcal. Brewed the same way as full strength beer, but left unfiltered, allows Lucky Saint to remain full of flavour with real body and character. The recipe combines just four natural ingredients: pilsner malt, Hallertau hops, Bavarian spring water and their own single-use yeast.

Lucky Saint was recently awarded their first Great Taste Award and crowned winner of the Best No and Low Lager in the Imbibe 2020 Taste Awards. Progressively crafted with over 400 years of proud brewing heritage, we leave our beer unfiltered for maximum flavour, without the alcohol. Discover Lucky Saint refreshing alcohol free lager with a smooth, citrus hop finish.

To finally reward those who aren't drinking with the beer they deserve. The best way to enjoy beer for those who aren’t drinking this Christmas!


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