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MONAT recognises the natural link between looking good and feeling good. Beneath the external radiance of hair and skin, true and lasting beauty radiates from within, from a foundation of health and wellness.

MONAT introduces the launch of the new MONAT Vegan Protein, the latest addition to the company’s fast-growing wellness range. A collection of products inspired by nature, informed by science, and designed to strengthen and protect our inner selves. MONAT Vegan Protein is a deliciously smooth blend of plant-based proteins, delivering twenty grams of protein in each serving, with no added sugar and 115 kcal per serving.

This deliciously smooth blend of plant-based proteins and superfoods helps to support the daily protein requirements of an active lifestyle by contributing to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.

For more info visit https://monatglobal.com/uk/

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