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MuscleMary : Berry Haze

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London’s leading anti ageing doctor, Dr David Jack has branched into fitness launching his own healthy, nutritious and delicious plant based sport and lifestyle supplements with co-founder and brother Stuart Jack, Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach. With b&c vitamins and natural fat burners using the highest quality ingredients with ethical, sustainable sourcing.

The zero sugar vegan supplement is a plant based protein supplement with a special musclemary® blend of superfoods and vitamins - sweetened with stevia, not just protein.TM is designed to provide a wide range of benefits in one scoop, with no added sugar, preservatives or GMO ingredients.

“With musclemary®  we wanted to create a distinctive brand, known for clean, healthy plant based products using the very best of ingredients without compromise on quality or flavour. Through our website we will educate consumers about healthy eating, including the benefits of plant based foods” – Dr David Jack. 


Berry haze

Who doesn't love something fruity from time to time? Not only does Berry Haze contain our trademark not just protein superfood blend, but it is flavoured with even more of our favourite natural berry powders, including raspberry, strawberry and blackberry! As with all of our muscemary products, Berry Haze is formulated with premium pea and white hemp protein and is sweetened with stevia, not sugar. Suitable for those on low GI, paleo and keto diets, it is a delicious way to boost your protein intake whilst getting more of those precious antioxidants on board!

£35 for 20 servings . Available to buy at https://musclemarylondon.co.uk

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