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Nut Blend : CINNAMON, 

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Nut Blend was created by London-based Gabriella Block, on a mission to create an indulgent, feel-good and mood-boosting product without relying on sugar. The brand has launched four delicious flavours: all with no added sugar or sweeteners, no palm oil and no added salt. Nut Blend’s unique nut butters are a blend of just nuts and a pinch of natural spices - literally nothing else - to naturally satisfy, brighten and boost your energy, without the sugar high.


Made with Sri Lankan ‘true’ cinnamon, rich-roasted hazelnuts, smooth almonds and a pinch of cacao.

The health benefits of nuts and the natural energy they provide means that they complement any lifestyle you lead. Little gems of mood boosting fuel (without the crash). 

For more info visit https://nutblend.com.

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