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Oddpods – the ethically-sourced brand which is kicking cans to the kerb - has launched its range of quick and easy to use pouched pulses into supermarkets nationwide. Environmentally-conscious and 100% plant-based. Oddpods are perfect for foodies looking to upgrade their cooking game, vegans and vegetarians seeking a protein-packed meat replacement or the health and environmentally-conscious wanting to reduce meat consumption or add to a meal.

Brown Lentils : One of their most versatile and tasty pods, our Brown Lentils are sustainably sourced from Canada. The earthy taste is delicious in salads, curries or soups.

Chick Peas : Their chickpeas, sourced from the vast plains of Canada, have 85% more fibre and 15% more protein than canned versions. Try making your own hummus, falafel or a hearty salad with this.

Kidney Beans : Sourced from the open plains of Argentina, have 90% more fibre and 50% protein than canned versions. The chunky and robust texture makes them great for chillis, veggie burgers and much more.

Gungo Split Peas : Their delicious gungo split peas are from family run farms in Malawi. One of their odder pods, they’re versatile and rich in flavour. You can try them in soups, stews and curries.

Chana Dhal : A classic ingredient in any Indian kitchen, Chana Dal are brown chickpeas which have been split and skinned. Sourced from small subsistence farms in Tanzania, their nutty flavour is great for curries, dals or homemade Bombay mix.

All of these are now available in Sainsbury’s, whilst Ocado is also stocking chana dal and gungo peas - all priced at £1.75 per 200g pack.

For more info visit https://oddpods.com

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