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PÄRLA PRO : Bamboo Toothbrush

Category: vegan-oral-care, veganuary-2022
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Say goodbye to plastic brushes and Get that saving the planet feeling every morning with our 100% plant-based Bamboo toothbrush.

Unlike most brushes on the market, not only is their handle made of the most sustainable Moso Bamboo, but their bristles (normally containing plastic even in most bamboo brushes) are 100% plant-based – made from castor beans. This means their brush and bristles can be fully composted at home.

The bristles on PÄRLA BRUSH unlike nylon which is made of crude oil and breaks down into harmful molecules, is 100% plant-based castor bean oil bristles break down they degrade into positive nutrients which can be used by other plants!

For more info visit https://parlatoothpastetabs.com

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