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PÄRLA PRO : Toothpaste Tabs

Category: vegan-oral-care, veganuary-2022
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Remineralising toothpaste tablets. High Gloss Whitening. Helps Fight Sensitivity. Contains Vitamin E & B12 to Support A Healthy Immune System. Contains Fluoride.

New PÄRLA PRO is a natural high gloss whitening, ethically sourced, sustainably packaged range of toothpaste tablets. With high level cleaning power and a revolutionary approach to whitening, fighting sensitivity, preventing tooth decay and boosting immunity.

The British-made toothpaste tablets give you gleaming white teeth while also caring for the planet; using PÄRLA PRO reduces the millions of toothpaste tubes that end up in the UK’s landfills, estimated at 300 million annually. The range is also vegan, zero waste and plastic free.

Toothpaste tabs that don’t just level-up in terms of cleaning power, but also present a revolutionary approach to whitening, fighting sensitivity, enamel remineralisation and even boosting immunity.

For more info visit https://parlatoothpastetabs.com


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