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Pico Signature Sauces

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The Pico story came into being in a small cafe off Baker street in London. Their co-founders were baffled by the statistic that 1.3 billion people living in India only had 3 brands of ketchup to choose from. Something huge was about to happen in the Indian packaged food market, and the founders were obviously convinced that they would be the ones to do it. By 'do it', they planned to launch India's most incredibly tasty brand of sauces and become the household name for over a billion enthusiastic fans. Pico Signature Sauces ranges:


Konkan Mango Chilli

A careful balance between fruity and spicy. Not too sweet but with a full mango flavour. Medium consistency with small pieces of fruit pulp and occasional chilli flakes. Use this sauce as a dip with crips and finger food, or even as a fruity salad dressing! Suitable for vegans.

Naga Ghost Pepper

A deep level of spiciness that intensifies for at least 30 seconds. The wide range of flavours beneath the spice means it can also be diluted with mayo/yoghurt for a less concentrated flavour. Like a traditional chilli sauce – but use sparingly! Warning: This sauce is incredibly spicy – please eat with caution! Suitable for vegans.

Maha Green Chilli

Our default ‘every day’ table chilli sauce that’s delicious and unique in flavour and the perfect substitute for run-of-the-mill chilli sauces like Tabasco. As one of the most versatile sauces in the range, it can be used like a standard hot sauce – basically on top of everything! Suitable for vegans.

Varanasi Tamarind Chutney

A quick-flowing traditional style chutney just like one you’d find drizzled onto chaat across several parts of India. Use this chutney alongside rice or naan bread, or even in a meaty sandwich with some chips!
With the lowest spice level in the range, it can be enjoyed by those who ‘can’t handle chilli’ and is even suitable for children. Suitable for vegans.

All products also available from Booths and Ocado.

You may also visit https://picosauces.com.

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