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Quarter G/N

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Quarter is a new range of spirits distilled at 12% Vol, around a quarter of the proof of traditional distilled spirits, created by school friends Fabian Clark and Rohan Radhakrishnan. The release of Quarter G/N marks an exciting development for the drinks industry, as it claims the space between full- strength distilled spirits and ‘no-and-low’ alcohol offerings.

Quarter G/N is created in the traditional London Dry-style via copper-pot distillation and infused with predominantly juniper, a variety of other botanicals and a hint of citrus from grapefruit and orange. The result is a refreshingly light spirit at just a quarter of the strength of Gin.

They created the most refreshingly light Gin you’ve ever tasted. At Quarter strength, you can have 4 Quarter&Tonics for the same value as 1 full strength Gin&Tonic. They deliver all the flavour, mouth feel, buzz and experience, just with a fraction of the alcohol.

For more info visit https://www.quarterproof.com/

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