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Real Good Tomato Ketchup

Category: vegan-sauce-and-seasoning, veganuary-2022
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Promising plant-based ingredients alongside no added sugar and all-natural ingredients, Real Good Ketchup is the perfect January swap with 80% less salt and sugar than regular brands.  Guilt-free and healthier option to perk up mealtimes, 100% recyclable, vegan Big Squeezy Tomato Ketchup from Real Good Ketchup. 

Made with sun-kissed Mediterranean tomatoes for an irresistibly rich tomatoey flavour, not only is the Big Squeezy bursting with flavour, it is also vegan, allergen-free and free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives, with over 75% less sugar and 78% less salt than the market leader and only naturally-occurring sugars. 

Best of all Real Good Ketchup is produced by a family-run brand based in Hampshire that uses no animal ingredients in its supply chain, is zero waste in production and a sustainable business, so you can be guaranteed your ketchup is 100% ethical in every way.

For more info visit https://realgoodketchup.com/


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