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Rebel Recipes : My Vegan Year

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Niki Webster the chef behind Rebel Recipes and award-winning cookbook author launched her third title - My Vegan Year. With a huge focus on seasonality, helpful tips and tricks, how-to-home-grown produce and recipes to make every day a celebration, My Vegan Year is set to be the go-to guide that has a 360(5) day view for any vegan, vegetarian or those looking to go a little more plant-based.

Filled with helpful advice and inspiration about how to cut down on (or cut out) meat and dairy, as well as the latest nutritional information to make sure young readers have the all-important facts at their fingertips, free from disinformation and waffle.

Starting in spring, the book shows you how to make amazing vegan food in every season. As well as over 50 fun, simple and delicious recipes that anyone can try, it's also filled with great tips for every season - from how to grow your own veg to the ultimate vegan finger food for the party season. It's a fantastic handbook that's the perfect plant-based companion for 365 days of being vegan!

Niki Webster is an award-winning blogger, cookbook author and podcast host. Niki started her journey due to her love of celebrating wholesome simplicity, vibrancy, flavours and colours of vegetables. She launched her blog Rebel Recipes in 2015, which has held its own at the forefront of the plant-based sector for over 6 years and continues to do so, as the online platform now reaches an army of food-based fans across the globe.

For more info visit https://www.rebelrecipes.com.

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