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Finding a home remedy to help you treat the symptoms of a headache or a migraine? ReLeafpack is a 'weighted pillow' for pain relief. With a comforting and flexible design, it's great for inflammation and pain while lasting hours.

Several studies have found that applying cold therapy at the onset of Migraine pain can be significantly helpful in reducing pain. Researchers believe that the icepack cools the blood flowing to the carotid artery in the neck. This helps to reduce the inflammation in the brain, which helps improve the pain felt by migraine. Using ice pack is an inexpensive and relatively safe way to reduce the discomfort and pain from a headache.

ReLeafpack offers quick and lasting pain relief for ailments ranging from migraine headaches to twisted ankles. A revolutionary vegan product made with an all-natural dried bean-blend filler, ReLeafpacks are available unscented or with an essence of lavender or peppermint. Just place the pack in the freezer for 12 hours, and it will stay frozen for two full hours, without leaking or melting! Available in a variety of appealing prints and in single or dual sets.

For more info you may visit https://www.releafpack.com.

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