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Simsante Chocolate

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Simsanté will be available to buy online at www.simsante.co.uk and it may just change the way we eat chocolate forever. 

The collection of handcrafted, organic and nutrient packed chocolate has more nutritional value than any other dark chocolate brand in the market, as it is infused with ancient grains, natural essential oils, protein rich nuts, gut strengthening spices, seeds packed with omega 3 and dark chocolate rich in flavanoids and other antioxidants.

Simsanté would be perfect for your healthy vegan food & drink round up, a superfood vegan chocolate brand, sustainable, organic and rather delicious chocolate brand with real health benefits. 

Simsanté has been launched by  Nutritionist and is handcrafted using the finest organic chocolate and only plant-based ingredients, with real health benefits.

They use jaggery, a natural sweetener used in the ancient Indian system of medicine, known for its healing and immunity-boosting properties along with other innumerable benefits. Our other ingredients like Matcha green tea, lotus seeds, and natural oils not only add that extra flavour to our chocolates but are also known to strengthen the gut, fight infections and ease inflammation.


RRP Prices from:

£9.49 for 4 bar box

£26.99 12 bar box

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