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Somnia : Sleep Sense

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Dr Kat Lederle, Sleep Scientist offers really great insight and practical tips on sleep quality and the real reasons why people aren’t getting any sleep. Dr Kat has just released a book too in addition to discussing how she helps her clients get better quality sleep in her one hour sleep therapy sessions.

As the second edition of her book, Sleep Sense, is released, Dr Kat Lederle wants to undo the misconceptions and myths that can get in the way of a good night’s sleep that has increasingly become a problem for so many.

The book then offers practical detail on how sleep affects each of the three pillars; physical health, mental performance and emotional wellbeing, before providing an overview of sleep disorders.  

Dr Kat says in the book: “How you respond to an emotional experience and what coping style you use to deal with it are additional factors influencing the impact emotions have on your sleep.  Turning towards your negative emotions, accepting and expressing them will help to better process them.  Which of the different coping strategies is most beneficial might depend on the type of stressor you are experiencing in that moment rather than the rigid use of a specific coping style.”

Sleep Sense can be purchased through World of Books (www.worldofbooks.com) Website.

Somnia is a London based sleep clinic founded by sleep scientist and chronobiologist, Dr Kat Lederle, PhD. The clinic offers 1:1 and group coaching programmes using a behavioural approach informed from a variety of scientific research.  

Dr Kat Lederle is one of the leading experts in the field of sleep therapy and holds a PhD in Human Circadian Physiology and Behaviour and an MSc in Biosciences.

For more info visit https://somnia.org.uk.

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