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Soul Fruit : Jackfruit Chips

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Innovative fruit-based snack brand, Soul Fruit, have just launched two delicious new products that are sure to up you snack game this summer.

Bringing something entirely new to the snack aisle, its Jack Fruit Chips are delicious and crunchy and will appeal to those seeking innovative sweet flavours that will cure that sugar craving. Also new is its Keo Mango Chips and Keo Mango Soft Dried, a delicious alternative to the chewy mango pieces you may have tried in the past. The chips are crunchy and sweet, whilst the soft dried Keo Mango is soft and moorish.

Perfect for eating al deskco, or packed into picnics, these trailblazing fruit snacks will be your healthy, low calorie and fat go to this summer! They join Soul Fruits range of Dragon Fruit snacks.



Rich & more-ish Jackfruit pieces, dried to Crunchy Perfection, with nothing ever added.

These delicious fruit pieces are great to snack on at any time for a clean energy boost. Pre or post work out, on the go, at your desk or at home on the sofa - these all natural jackfruit pieces are a tasty way give your mood and health a boost.

Packed with vitamins & minerals these nutrient dense bites pack a serious punch!

20g Snack Pack of Satisfyingly Crunchy Jackfruit Chips. No added sugar, preservatives, sulphites or nasties. High in Fibre, Magnesium & Potassium. Naturally Gluten Free and Vegan. Perfect as a snack or to add to yoghurt or cereal. Sustainably sourced - Global GAP certified. Carbon Neutral Snacks.

The new Jack Fruit snacks are available now from Selfridges and www.soulfruit.co.uk, RRP £1.79 a bag.

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