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SUST : 7 day Discovery Box

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A SUST shake is economical, and healthy, and sustainable. It is made from natural wholefood ingredients.
Minimal processing, maximum nutrition.

A SUST shake has around 200 calories per meal, is low in sugar, low-cost, whole-food ingredients with low food miles, which make this an option for those ready to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce food waste, and embrace ‘environmental nutrition’.

Joining the ranks of global companies such as Unilever who have launched their own labelling system, SUST is third-party Carbon Cloud verified, alongside brands such as Oatly, Estrella, WWF, and Tenzing.

SUST is ECO-nomical too -  swapping your breakfast, lunch or snack for one SUST shake can costs less than £1 per meal (based on purchasing 60 shakes - 92p per meal): easy on the wallet, better for the planet.

For more info visit https://gosust.com/

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